Analog Audio, MIDI or AES/EBU - one system fits all!

Cat core audio over cat snake

CatCore can be used for both, analogue and digital signals as Midi AES/EBU or stricktly recommended and mondatary shielding is for using
Maximum cable length may depend on signal and sampling rate.
Phantom power.
Mixing different signals within one CatCore universe is not recommended, just plugging some DMX in a audio input...

Miniature multicores for stage and conference:

Typical applications:
- conference rooms, lecterns, panel discussions
- DJ-sets with stereo sum and monitor signal
- Returncore for L/R, subwoofer and monitor
- Subcore to stagebox, e.g. for background vocals, percussion, keyboards


CatCore is perfect fit for
- Input- Snake for media players (CD, MP3) and wireless microphones at the FOH
- frequently used channels in same configuration as talkback, frontfill, outfills
- easy to mount in cases/dockhouses.

System wiring for desks, speakers and wireless

4-channel multicore perfect for structurized wiring of
- system amps.
- multichannel applications as monitor-ampracks or delaylines
- grouped wireless-receivers and inear-transmitters
- low priced connection to submixers (e.g. for monitor by the musicians themselves)

Large area cabling - stageboxes with link output

low priced as pulled off the reel and connected where needed, e.g. at:
- graded delaylines at exibition centres, trusses, sport halls and sport places
- large distance used at sport events and other public events
- distributed inputs, for example for commentators or interpreters

Use in permanent installations

Using present infrastructure* in buildings provides some advantages:
(*direct link without routers and switches required)
- can cross obstacles like walls, corridors, levels and fire areas
- integration of rooms far away, for wardrobes, back offices or interpreter cabins
- use a small set of stageboxes at a large number of connections, just where you need them. Ideal for cultural centres, town halls, youth centres or churches.

Inconspicuous and simple wiring

Cat wires offer some real advantages::
- low price per meter and cheap connectors
- no soldering required
- low diameter, can fit even under a capet and in seams, fits through installation tubes
- no signal direction defined in advance, therefor no "layed in wrong direction" possible
- extremely tiny connector, usable in very inapproachable places

Blue boxes transform into adapters

Simply link different boxes to create genderchangers, Y-Splits or 3/5pin XLR adapters

All components feature identical pinout, so feel free to combine everything with everything.

Simplified equipment management

Double row stageboxes can be used as either in- or output boxes - or even combined! Our Split snakes with Convertcon provide in- or outputs directly into your desk.