Speaker panel for 8-ch ampracks, featuring Spakon 4- and 8pin, e.g. for Powersoft X8/Outline XO8

Speaker patchbay 8-channel

2RU-Panel for 8-ch amprack featuring 12x NL4, 2x NL8, M25 cable feedthrough

All purpose patchbay for 8-channel audio amplifiers and ampracks. Outputs as Speakon 4- and 8-channels in singleand mixed pinout. Isolated feedthrough for mains cable (M25 cable gland).

Low profile design, all connections on backside as sockets. Therefore usable witch any Amp, and at any position within your rack. All internal wiring on thick-layer PCBs with 4mm² cross section for maximum load. All type of amp outputs as Speakon, Jack, XLR, Binding Post, AP/EP etc. can be connected via Adapter to NL4.

Powdercoated aluminium housing 19" / 2RU.
Low depth allows even positioning behind devices in the rack.

Laser engraving for permanent marking.


Connections CatCore X8 LS Speaker Panel Amps eight channel NL4 NL8

The following versions are available:

X8-LS Universal speaker panel 8-Channel / 2 RU
X8 Audio Cableset 8-channel XLR and Speakon
X8 Cat Ethercon Patch PUR-Cable 1m

Optional acessories: Cable Set

Catcore Cable set for 8-channel Speakon / XLR Panel including XLR, Speakon and Ethercon

Speakon-, XLR- and Ethercon-set for 8-channel amp patchbays. Laser engraved housings, black Speakon plugs with permanent labelling under transparent ring.

Cross section speaker wires 4x4mm², all XLR-lines AES/EBU 110 Ohm. Optional ethercon patches equipped with PUR jacket

Achtkanaliges Anschlussfeld für Endstufen, hier im Powersoft X8 Touringcase

Achtkanalige Amp Patchbay im Touringrack mit Powersoft X8

Stapelbares Powersoft X8 Touringcase mit achtkanal Patchbays

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