Urkunde des Deutschen Patent und Markenamtes (DPMA) f�r CatCore

CatCore - blue "XLR over CAT" adapters

CatCore is a mashup from "Cat-Cable" and "Multicore" and listet as trademark at the DPMA/Deutsches Patent und Markenamt.

CatCore is an easy to use adapter, converting a CAT cable into a quad multicore for digital and analogue audio, DMX and Intercom. No matter if rack unit, stagebox or cable loom - CatCore is extremely versatile, ridgid and compact.

Simple construction, high quality finish and handy desing highlight our CatCore products. Recessed connectors and laser engraving ensure best protection and permanent marking. Decent optics even allow use in the direct line of viev.

Thanks to various attachment points all stageboxes can be fixed securely at trusses, furniture or walls - no matter if mobile use or permanent installation.

XLR over Cat5 Stagebox DMX

Various models allow structurized setups even in complex cabling systems. Use CatCore as simple FOH-Multicore, for bundling DMX-Lines, quick system cabling for amps and wireless or compact subsnake systems.

CatCore doesn`t need active components as switches or routers due to direct wiring. Standard Cat cables offer various advantages: low prices, worldwide avalablility, using of preinstalled lines in buildings. Installing off the roll and quick connecting without soldering can save a lot of time and money in shop- and exibition building and permanent installations.

Cross walls, hallways and even floor levels via lines installed in the building - fully invisible! Rely on one multifunctional standard instead of investing in several dedicated systems.

CatCore uses only high quality connectors made by Neutrik. Using PCBs instead of single wires extincts cross-wiring or loose wires in advance. For reducing waste our PCBs are designed for minimum space requirement and multifunctional use. Our custom made fabrication units allow testing already during the production process.

All components as housings, PCBs, cables and connectors meet the ROHS requirements, all soldering is lead free. R&D, manufacturing and most of our components are "Made in Germany".

Improvements need feedback - therefore please don`t hesitate to bother us with questions, suggestions, wishes an critics! We`re happy to support the entertaintment industry with little helpers to make the job a bit more easy.