Stereo panel for audio amps, including XLR, Speakon and Powercon

Speaker patchbay for audio amps

Two channel audio patchbay with integrated Powercon distribution

Compact 1RU audio patchbay for stereo amps. Integrated CatCore connection, aux connections for channels 3 and 4.

Easy to handle master/slave configurations via XLR or Cat

Speaker outputs as two fully wired Speakon (A/B, B/A)

in/out via CatCore, additional channel 3/4 outs on front and back for second amp.
Channel 1,2,3,4 outs on back as XLR.
Easy to use as master (CH 1/2) or slave (3/4) amp.

Low profile, powercon in/out on front, Powercon out on back.


Pinout CatCore X2 Speaker Panel amps XLR Speakon

The following versions are available:

X2_LS Stereo patchbay 1RU