Stereo panel for audio amps, including XLR, Speakon and Powercon

Speaker patchbay for audio amps

Two channel audio patchbay with integrated Powercon distribution - DISCONTINUED!

Compact 1RU audio patchbay for stereo amps. Integrated CatCore connection, aux connections for channels 3 and 4.

Easy to handle master/slave configurations via XLR or Cat

Speaker outputs as two fully wired Speakon (A/B, B/A)

in/out via CatCore, additional channel 3/4 outs on front and back for second amp.
Channel 1,2,3,4 outs on back as XLR.
Easy to use as master (CH 1/2) or slave (3/4) amp.

Low profile, powercon in/out on front, Powercon out on back.

Pinout CatCore-ports according to standard AES72 / 3E.



Pinout CatCore X2 Speaker Panel amps XLR Speakon

The following versions are available: