CAT as DMX-multicore for event- and entertaintment technologies

LAN-cables and CatCore offer a wide variety of advantages for media and event applications.
Low price, worldwide availability and tiny outer dimensions are one step ahead to comparable cabling systems.
There is no "wrong" direction - define the direction of your signals by choosing your breakout-boxes and looms.
CatCore can easily combine equipment of different brands.

XLR over ethernet snake loom box

FOH / DMX / Intercom Multicore

Quad-multicore, economic solution for connecting FOH and Dimmercities by using internal dmx outputs,
or keeping dmx-processors and nodes centralized at the FOH.
- Ideal for use as guest- or cross-core at festivals and major events
- Intercom multicore for transmitting several separate analogue lines
- 3/5pin twin row boxes save adapters
- Small Ethercon connector tends less to get stuck when cable being pulled compared to multipins or snakes.

Run DMX down long distances via cat-lines

Using Cat5(e), or Cat 6/7 wires lets you run signals over hundreds of meters in one piece,
whilst normal IP based protocols as hognet or artnet needs to be carried via LWL or refreshed every appx. 100 meters for long distance runs.

Structurized dmx-cabling for trusses

- Simple connection of trusses and separated areas with up to four universes in one feed.
- Separate line for each fixture type per truss possible
- Integrated M10 thread for trussmount via spigots or clamps

XLR over Cat5 snake Loom stagebox

Centralized DM procesing

- Saves decentralized nodes that are providing few universes locally
- Clean setup for driveracks and splitter racks
- DMX-nodes can stay at FOH for direct access at smaller setups

XLR over ethernet multicore snake

Programming-core on stage

- Easy to use for temporary snakes for programming on stage - no more.
- Cost effective core to place your desk outside the FOH for programming blind spot areas

Properly fixed with hooks, safeties or spigot

- Inique fixing abilities for mounting with hooks, cable ties or velcro.
- Additional holes allow fixing safety wires as necessary according to different national standards.

DMX over ethercon snake stagebox safety

CatCore as integrated 3-/5-pin adapter

- Double-boxes with 3-/5-pin DMX make adaptors obsolete

Connect DMX to CAT directly at the console

- fix easily with rivets or screws in your deskcase
- Standard-setup always "on board"
- Due to explicite markings no need for labelling via tapes, and no crosschecking lines with blurred labels.
- Good visibility even in low light environments thanks to colored markings , following RGBW-scheme. (red-green-black[instead of blue]-white)