Speaker panel/patchbay for four channel audio amps with XLR, CatCore and Speakon 4 and 8pin, network, e.g. for Poweroft X4

Connector panel four channel amps

2RU-Panel for 4-ch amps featuring 6x NL4, 1x NL8, 2x Ethernet, 4x NF + CatCore, 2x AES/EBU

Perfekt fit for quad-channel-amps such as Powersoft X4, Outline XO4, D&B D20 and D80, CAMCO Q-POWER 14, Fohhn D4 or any other four channel amp.

All purpose patchbay for 4-channel audio amplifiers and ampracks. Outputs as Speakon 4- and 8-channels in separate and mixed pinout. Audio inputs via XLR and CatCore, 2x Ethercon throughput, 2x AES/EBU via XLR. Speaker inputs via NL4 (2-Channels each). Isolated feedthrough for mains cable (M25 cable gland).

Low profile design, all connections on backside as sockets. Therefore usable witch any Amp, and at any position within your rack. All internal wiring on thick-layer PCBs with 4mm² cross section for miniumum losses. All type of amp outputs as Speakon, Jack, XLR, Binding Post, AP/EP etc. can be connected via Adapter to NL4

Powdercoated aluminium housing 19" / 2RU.
Low depth allows even positioning behind devices within rack.

Laser engraving for permanent marking.

Pinout CatCore-ports according to standard AES72 / 3E.


Connections CatCore X4-LS-D Speaker Panel Amps XLR Speakon Cat Dante

The following versions are available:

X4-LS-D Universal speaker panel 4-Chnnel / 2 RU
X4 Cableset Cableset Audio XLR and Speakon

Accessories: Cable set X4

Catcore Cable set for 4-ch patchbay with XLR, Speakon and Ethercon-cables

Cable set for 4-channel amp panels. Laser engraved housings, black Speakon plugs with labelling under transparent ring.

Cross section 4x4mm², all XLR-CAbles AES/EBU 110 Ohm type. Ethercon cables with durable PUR-jacket.

Application example:

CatCore X4 Amp patch panel with Powersoft X4 audio-amp in Amptown Flexrack

Catcore quad amp patch panel with Powersoft X4-amp in Flexrack

Multifunctional connection panel including Ethercon, Speakon and XLR for quad-channel amps. All connections to the amp are made via removable cables, so the mounting position is not preassigned by the manufacturer. speaker signals are fed via fully connected NL4 Speakons, so all types of amps can be connected with simple adapters - no matter if Speakon, XLR, Binding Post, EP5 or anything else. Analog audio ins are acessible via catCore and XLR for highest flexibility and passive loop through to the next amplifier rack.

Internal wiring is made by PCBs only, thus preventing loose wires. Speaker section is manufactured with special super-thick copper PCBs to minimize losses. The 6 NL4 outs provide all necessary combinations, an adittional NL8 Speakon allows driving active four-channel Speakers, or connecting NL8 submulticores.

All Amp panels feature ultra slim design (depth appx 6cm) and a fully isolated M25 cable feedthrough. This allowing every client to assemble his mains cord according to personal demand.