Stagebox Splitter Speakon NL8 to NL4

Speakon Stagebox Compact

Speakon Stagebox NL8 in NL4

Compact subdistribution NL8 to 4x NL4. Rugged aluminium housing with attachment points for safety wires.

Internal wiring via high power PCBs with maximum wire section.

Pinout MIX: A+B / B / C+D / D

Pinout Parallel: A+A / B+B / C+C / D+D


Schematic CatCore SBB-C Speakon NL8 to 4x NL4 breakout box

The following versions are available:

SBB-C Basic Stagebox NL8 to 4x NL4
SBB-C PARALLEL Stagebox NL8 to 4x NL4