CatCore Stagebox, Patchbay and amp patchbay (shown with Powersoft X4)

CatCore- optimized in form and function

All CatCore components are custom made to meet our specifications. Laserengraving provides permanent labelling. Special focus is set on high quality compnents, usefull combinations and versatile fixing options. Smoothed housings enable burr-free edges and pleasant haptics.

Rack units are extremely thin, providing feedthrough sockets, thus being even shorter than standard feedthrough-adapters, even with CatCore in/outs in parallel!

CatCore provides components for the whole signal path from source to drain in audio and lighting applications. No matter if snakes and looms, stageboxes, patchbays and rack units, amp-panels or speaker panels.. CatCore provides solutions for systematic cabling systems in modern event environments.

Versatile multicore for audio and DMX based on LAN-cables

CatCore is extremely simple, versatile and economic compared to standard wiring systems.

CatCore uses standard LAN-cables with RJ45 plugs (or Ethercon).
Cat-Wires are available at low prices - all around the globe!
Need another cable on site? Just buy it at any electronics dealer nearby!

RJ45 as simple way to wire your systems

Just use existing infrastructure in buildings, let the electricians place and even connect your Audio- and DMX-lines. They will check your "special" cables, even if they have no idea what you`ll use them for! Avoid discussions about special cable types for event installations, no more custom made connection panels, no more soldering somewhere up the ladder or in suspended ceilings!

Minimize your costs for logistics and manpower at exibition building. Let the electrician place your wires for Audio and DMX in floors and walls long before you arrive. Just get there and crimp your connections when everything is buildt!

Our portfolio helps making things more easy. Reduce the number of articles by using double row stageboxes. XLR in/out provide universal audio lines, 3/5pin boxes make dmx adapters obsolete.

Rack units provide all connections on the front - with optional integration of CatCore.

Reduce costs for DMX Nodes generating Universes "somewhere" - there needs to run a CAT-line anyway, why not send DMX directly there and keep your nodes centralized?