Stagebox Split Speakon NL8to NL4 with Link Output

Speakon Stagebox Universal

Speakon Splitbox NL8 in 6x NL4, NL8 male and female

Subdistribution for NL8 to NL4 with additional Link. Compact aluminium enclosure with fixing options for safety wires, direct mount and M10 thread on Bottom.

Internal wiring with massive PCBs and maximum wire section.

Easy daisychaining with extendable or standard NL8 cables via NL8 male and female out for maximum versatility.

Pinout single outs BASIC: A / B / C / D
Pinout single outs PARALLEL: AA / BB / CC / DD

Pinout mixed outs (NL4) and Link out (NL8 m/f): A+B / C+D / A+B+C+D


Schematic CatCore SBB-U Speakon NL8 to NL4 breakout box with Link

The following versions are available:

SBB-U Basic Stagebox NL8 universal basic
SBB-U PARALLEL Stagebox NL8 universal parallel