Cost saving basic installation for media in permanent installations

CatCore Plan Architect fixed installation

Daily business shows that costs for media technologies are often underestimated in renovations and new installations.
CatCore offers several advantages compared to conventional audio- und DMX-wiring.

Inexpensive wires, usable for different purposes.
- worldwide standardised cables with perfect transmision parameters
- available in large cuts on reels or in paper boxes.
- standardized pinning within cable according to TIA 568 A/B
- wider range of special cable types as FRNC and fire resistant available compared to media cables

- Install and connection can be done even by an electrician
- connecting without soldering (no smoke or heat, even in almost inacessible areas with few space possible)
- check your audio- and DMX-lines with simple network testers, or even ask for a measuring protocol prior to media install.
- very low diameter, only few cutting works in walls or furniture, low space requirements in cable trunks
- in protected monuments even running lines in seams possible

- Wall outlets with same covers as switches and power sockets available
- no custom made covers or special cutouts in walls required
- place your lines in empty tubes - even years after the initial installation
- up to 87% less meters of wire to be pulled (Duplex vs. 8x symmetrical line)

- low space requirements for wall outlets (eight signals per Duplex-outlet)
and for patchbays in central control racks
- use costeffective network components / patchbays and wall outlets

- no prior definition of signal direction, just define your lines by the breakout boxes you use -
an existing line can be used either for light, audio, video, intercom, CCTV or IT.

CatCore Cat Box RJ45 wall socket

Typical applications for XLR over CAT:

- churches and community centers, for example connecting main hall to separate prayer rooms
- Conference applications, e.g. conecting floor tank to technical room, debates on stage, system cabling for lecturnes
- connection to separate rooms as wardrobes, foyers, control rooms
- temporary transmissions to foyers, outside areas, cantines, meeting rooms

- Cruise Ships, Theaters & Cinemas

Decentralized applications

perfect for wide installations with long cable runs and several connections for in/outputs, as sport halls, assembly halls in schools, multi purpose city halls.
- signal distribution from centralized inputs for background music or PA-systems

Protection against theft, vandalism and damage

- for occationally using the boxes are very practically because they can be removed and stored away easily after use
- heavy-duty installation sockets for lan-cables available, perfect even for sport halls or as floor sockets

Tools for tekkies

little helper in every toolcase for sound and light tekkies,
just plug and play wherever there is a free network cable available.