CatCore covid vaccination center traffic light system usb powered

Visitor mangement lighting system for vaccination center

Visitor management system Corona vaccination center

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Traffic light system optimised for corona testing facilities and vaccination centres, as well as for small shops and improvised treatment rooms or consultation desks.

Each treatment station has a simple control unit in a robust aluminium housing, that gives visual feedback on the current status via LEDs. This unit feeds up to three external multi-coloured indicator lights. In addition to the obligatory green/red display for "free/occupied", an additional service light and an alarm contact are included. This can activate a separate monitoring unit, e.g. to alert the emergency doctor or security service. The maximum of three remote LED indicators per workplace allows marking passage rooms, winding corridors and remote waiting areas. Marking the room number on the luminaires helps at orientation, e.g. when several vaccination lanes are separated by doors from waiting areas.

The additional blue „service“ LED in the light module can be used for additional informations, e.g. the request to disinfect the vaccination cell, or refill consumables or vaccine. So the individual treatment rooms organise themselves, which minimises waiting times of the persons being vaccinated, reduces personal contacts to a minimum for protection against infection, and saves personnel for the "next please". Thus, the risk of infection within the vaccination or testing centre is reduced, while vaccination capacities are used best possible by speeding up procedures.

The technical design is deliberately optimised for use in temporary structures, and impresses with numerous detailed solutions:

- Power supply via USB on the control unit. This allows the system being used either via power supply, or off-grid via power bank or a free port on the laptop. For vaccination vehicles/buses, operation with a 12V/USB adapter is also possible.

- The indicator is made from a robust plastic housing and is drip-proof when mounted vertically. In addition to direct screw fastening to the wall, the external lugs allow mounting with cable ties on construction fences, or with hooks on room dividers and temporary walls.

- The system is self-explanatory, the switch functions are marked by coloured LEDs analogous to the lamp modules.

- The wiring of the traffic light system is fail safe and done via USB- and network cables. Due to the small diameter of the cables, they can also be laid under carpets without tripping hazards, and even through doors and windows with flat cable adapters. The cable length can easily be up to 100m.

- The concept is user-friendly and fail-safe, and prevents - unlike e.g. traffic lights and access control systems with radio remote controls - typical everyday errors such as swapping/loss of remote controls, flat batteries, lack of feedback to the operator etc.

- The power-saving design in LED technology allows maximum duration when operated via battery packs, the system has no standby consumption when switched off. Operation via USB port is possible, which can eliminate the need for 230V wiring at the individual treatment stations.

- An optional indicator unit allows monitoring of up to four individual booths with visual indication and switchable alarm tone, e.g. for emergency services in case of allergic reactions, or assaults on staff or vaccine stocks.


- Accessories tailored for retrofitting locations, such as large hooks for temporary walls, or door grommets with flat cables are optionally available for sale. The traffic lights are available in various configurations as plug&play sets.

- The cost-optimised design is not based on industrial standard components, but has been specially developed and designed for the application in order to equally relieve the tense personnel situation and further reduce expenses in connection with pandemic management.

Of course, the systems can also be used outside of pandemic management, e.g. in the event sector. Possible applications can be a cue light for stage entrances or dressing rooms, marking for compulsory helmet use or forklifts in the hall, as a visual parking aid at the loading gate at night, or as a simple manual speech time limiter.

Flyer lighting system for temporary corona vaccination centres Flyer and order form for room booking light for vaccination centres

The following versions are available:

Traffic light system Details see Flyer

Application example and components

Traffic light system for vaccination center

Traffic light indicator system for vaccination center treatment room with up to three lights free/occupied

Traffic light indicator system for temporary facilities as vaccination centers and mobile vaccination teams.

Display for free/occupied with additional service light, e.g. for requesting consumables, or for release after disinfection for individual vaccination booths.

Can be extended to up to three indicator lights, e.g. for marking passageways, or information in remote waiting rooms.

Optionally integrable alarm module for monitoring of up to four rooms each, e.g. for alerting the emergency doctor or security service.

Control module traffic light Corona vaccination centre free/occupied/stop/go service

Control unit for traffic light system e.g. for vaccination centre, control for up to three indicator lights or alarm modules. Connection via RJ45 cable, power supply via USB. Alternative activation of green/red light (for free/occupied or stop/go etc.), plus blue service light, e.g. refilling vaccine or disinfection of the treatment room.

Traffic light Traffic light system Indicator light Corona Vaccination centre free/occupied/stop/go Service

Robust indicator light with external fixing straps, e.g. for temporary fixing with cable ties on construction fences, with hooks on room dividers and exhibition walls or directly to the wall with a screw. Drip-proof when mounted vertically, connection via network cable.

Control module Treatment room Vaccination cell Vaccination booth free/occupied

Control module for traffic light system, e.g. in Corona vaccination or test centre. Simple switching with optical feedback free/occupied. Connection to the indicator light via network cable. Off-grid operation via USB (power bank, laptop or adapter for 12 V cigarette lighter) possible.

Alarm Treatment Room Vaccination Centre Emergency Doctor Security

Detection unit for four treatment rooms/vaccination booths with decentralised monitoring of alarms, e.g. for emergency doctor or security service. Signal tone can be switched off.

Connection via standard network cables.

Traffic light system Corona vaccination center display request buy purchase plug&play package

Complete package for purchase for Corona vaccination center. Starter package (red/green plus service light). Optionally expandable to three indicator lights, as well as a remote alarm centre for monitoring up to four individual workplaces. Plug&Play solution incl. USB power supply, control unit for up to three indicator lights or alarm modules, 1x indicator light, connection cable to power supply unit, 10m network cable as connection to the indicator light.

Traffic light system for Corona vaccination facility request purchase buy plug&play package

Starter package for purchase for Corona vaccination centre or mobile vaccination teams. Basic version for single room (red/green - indicator). Plug&Play solution incl. USB power supply, control unit for one indicator, 1x indicator, connection cable to the power supply, 10m network cable as connection to the indicator.