Technical advices:

CatCore is a simple adapter system and needs a direct connection between devices.

No active components like routers and switches may be in line, otherwise devices may be damaged or destroyed, and the danger of fire may occur.

CatCore combines the four grounds of the separate within each component. Therefore an electrically isolation will be disabled. In case needed individual action ist to be taken by the user.

Running different types of Signal within one line is technically possible, but not recommended. Especially digital signals carry high gains and DC voltages, and may cause damage to analogue audio equipment when connected incidentially.

NEVER use CatCore in systems carrying Power Over Ethernet (POE)!

CatCore ist intended for use with analogue and digital audio signals, DMX-signals and intercom lines. DO NOT use CatCore for powering passive loudspeakers, or transmit supply voltages for e.g. Scrollers or self-powered speakers!

Do not mix CatCore components with XLR over Cat Systems from different brands, as long as compatibility is not verified by the manufacturer!

Mounting holes in CatCore stageboxes are intended for safing and suspending these components only! NEVER use CatCore housings as connection for safety wires etc.!

Colours and designs are subject to change without prior notice, and do not affect functionality.

Catcore audio over rj45 snake rack