CatCore blue splitbox, XLR over CAT snake / loom with AES/EBU wires 110 Ohms

Cable Split

Rugged Snake box including Ethercon/RJ45 input and four loom cables XLR.

Powdercoated aluminium housing with versatile mounting options for fixing direcly in mixer cases.

Optimized for adapting mixers or dimmercities to CatCore.

Black XLR connectors with gold plated contacts, explicite numbers Laser engraved.

Color codes a RGBW scheme -

Ch.1 : R: red
Ch.2 : G: green
Ch.3 : B: black
Ch.4 : W: white

Pinout according to Standard AES72 / 3E.


Pinout CatCore SP XLR over Cat5 Cat6 Cat7 cable split for balanced Audio

The following versions are available:

SP-3M Ethercon to 4x XLR 3-pin male
SP-3F Ethercon to 4x XLR 3-pin female
SP-3MMFF Ethercon to 2x XLR 3M / 2x 3F (Send/Return)
SP-3FFMM Ethercon to 2x XLR 3F / 2x 3M (Return/Send)
SP-5M Ethercon to 4x XLR 5-pin male
SP-5F Ethercon to 4x XLR 5-pin female
SP-3C Ethercon to 4x XLR ConvertCon 3pin male/female
SP-J Ethercon to 4x Stereo-Jack 6,3mm
SP-DJ Ethercon to 2x XLR 3pin female, 2x Stereo-Jack
SP-LA 0,6 Ethercon to 4x XLR 3pin male, 0,6/1,2/1,8/2,4m
SP-LA 0,75 Ethercon to 4x XLR 3pin female, 0,75/1,5/2,25/3m

Application example:

Versatile send/return-core utilizing Neutrik 3pin ConvertCon and 3pin male/female stagebox

Catcore XLR over RJ45 snake Box with Neutrik Convertcon

Application example:

Cat to XLR/Jack Snake for DJ mixers with 2x XLR (Line out) and 2x stereo-jack (Booth out).

Catcore Spliss Box for DJ Mixer with 2x XLR and 2x Jack 6,3mm