Temporary installations

CatCore ist perfect for use in shop- and exibition building.

Safe costly presence of high qualified technicians for placing and removing expensive special cables. Instead just let an electrician place and remove some network-cables long before or after you already left the project. Due to quick assembly there is no need to be on site when the cables are placed, there is even no "wrong direction" that needs to be taken care of. Convert these Cat-lines to audio, intercom or DMX just as you need.

The slimline CatCore - boxes can even be placed under doubled up floors, and provide easy wiring for large areas due to linked outputs.

At the end of each day (or special events as presentations or parties on the stand) simply remove you CatCore stageboxes, and store them away safely. All that`s left behind will be a LAN-Socket nobody recognizes.

Place signals at positions you can`t reach with common multicore systems - inside furniture and exponats, under carpets or in dry-wall constructions. Wherever a RJ45-Plug fits through, you`ll be able to use or control light and audio. CatCore can sneak under doors, through dry walls or in gaps in the flooring. CatCore "system cables" can be bought everywhere - even in different colours. Ever tried to buy an audio mulitcore in pink or white? Nailed it....

"Network cabling" is common for every electrician, whilst "Media-cabling" still seems to have some voodoo in it. Just let others do the dirty jobs run your media cables...

CatCore for sure is not "the" solution, but can create great advantages compared to standardized cabling methods. Suitable for many needs Cat-lines on the right position can be used for many purpuses. no matter if IT, for video signals (via converter), audio, dmx or intercom. There is no definition of signal direction and specification, but a great opportunity to create in- and outputs even if not specified precisely in advance.