CatCore Stagebox double row with SubD25 (Yamaha pinout) to 8x XLR and 2x CatCore

AES/EBU Stagebox 8x in / 8x out

Rugged Stagebox double row with 1x SubD 25pol with Yamaha pinout, 4x XLR male, 4x XLR female and 2x Ethercon/RJ45 as paralleled CatCore-link.

Anodized aluminium housing with versatile mounting options für cableties, steel wire, velcro and screws. Additional M10 thread on the bottom für fixing mini-spigot or bolt.

Universal adapterbox for DB25, direct connection for 8 channels each in/and out AES/EBU, and parallel connection to CatCore via Ethercon/RJ45.

Pinout according to Standard AES72 / 3E.

Production upon request

The following versions are available:

SMD-Y Adapterbox 16ch AES/EBU

Application sample:

double row XLR/CAT-Adapterbox adapting SubD 25pin (Yamaha AES/EBU pinout) to XLR and RJ45/Ethercon/CatCore.

Catcore Digital Audio AES/EBU Box adapting DB25 (Yamaha Pinout) to XLR and CatCore

In the example shown an AES/EBU output slot was adapted to transmit eight digital audio channels via one single cat5e cable without any external hardware. An additional input slot allows sending eight digital channels into the desk. The adapterbox is a rugged and versatile tool to grab each eight AES/EBU ins and outs via Cat or XLR. Simple Cat-lines replace expensive and unusual DB25-multicores at very low costs. Compared to other digital protocols as DANTE or Rocknet longer distances (depending on sample rate) can be fed without need for switches or routers.This significantly reduces sensitive equipment for transmitting digital audio over long distances.