Amp-City with Powersoft X8 Touringracks

Amp city mit powersoft X8 im Touringrack

All connections accessible at the front panel, truckspace optimized measurements,

Hideaway doors

Touringrack with Powersoft X4 and CatCore patchbay

CatCore Patchfeld im Touriungrack mit Powersoft X4

Compact touringrack with CatCore patchbay,

All connections on front, hideaway doors.

Dimmercity with Avolites Art2000 and siderack

Avolites Art2000 Dimmerrack mit Zubehörschrank incl. CatCore Patchfeldern zum DMX-Management

Dimmercity with auxiliary rack for Avolites Art 2000 Dimmer. Integrierated Swisson DMX-Boosters

and CatCore-patchbays provide simple signal distribution to the trusses

trussmount DMX Stagebox with up to four universes carried over single Ethercon network cable

CatCore DMX Stagebox auf Traverse für vier DMX universen, Ethercon Kabel

Compact DMX-stagebox carrying up to four DMX universes.

Admissible ans secure mounting over audience due to superclamp and safety wires

DMX Stageboxes for DMX in- and outputs

CatCore DMX Stageboxes auf Avolites Art200 Dimmer

DMX Stageboxes with four universes going to and from dimmercity,

Signal boosting carried out with the AVO racksplitters

Simple transmission of four DMX universes over a single network cable without Artnet equipment

Avolites Tiger Touch mit CatCore XLR/Ethercon-Peitsche für vier DMX Universen

Sending down four universes via one network cable without any external artnet node for decoding required.

Input split for audio mixer

Dynacord Powermate mit CatCore XLR/Cat-Peitsche

Simple connection of up to four analog audio inputs over single RJ45/Ethercon cable.

Latency free connection due to copper based direct wiring, use of existing cables in installations possible.

Signal distribution in buildings for active speakers

CatCore XLR/Cat Signalverteilung über Hausnetz

Use of installed lines for sendung analog audio down to the foyer, no cables crossing any doors and hallways.

Direct cable connection required, realized by 1:1 patching from input to output in the IT-serverrack.

Subsnake distribution for audio splitters

CatCpore Kabelspleiße in Rackblende mit Klark-Splittern

Subcore distribution panel for splitter city at festival. Each fanout is fed by a catCore Box on stage, minimized cabling and maximized flexibility.

Permanently installed stagebox at ice hockey stadium for DJ

Stagebox XLR/Cat mit vier XLR Eingängen und fest installiertem Kabel

Permanent installation in ice hockey stadium for the DJ playing behind the ring fence.

Direct mounting on the subconstruction and fixed cabling prevent abuse and manipulation.

CatCore Booth at the Music Expo in Sweden

CatCore Mesestand Music Expo mit Danley Linea Research and Vanguard

Exibition booth of Pointsource Scandinavia at the Music Expo in Sweden

Picture: Pointsource Scandinavia

Amp-City at Festival

Amp-City mit Powersoft X4 und X8 Touringracks

Amp-City at a festival for electronic music, stackable truckspace optimized racks, all connections for audio, speakers and power at the front.

Source: SLD Mediatec

Connection panel for wireless mics

Shure ULX-D mit vierfach CatCore-Blende in Flexrack

Shure ULX-D - receiver, signals can be used either with XLR or bundled in sets of four via CatCore. Patchbay can be used as passive splitter.

Speakon Breakoutboxes in CatCore-Design

Speakon NL4 NL8 output Breakout Box CatCore

Size comparison Speakon Boxes universal and compact.

Large box with NL8 male/female link output for use with d&b wiring system

Speakon Boxes view NL8 female

CatCore Speakon NL4 NL8 male - female output Box mit Durchschliff

NL8 female link out for extendable speakon cables, e.g. for d&b

Reproduction of CatCores...

CatCore XLR over Cat Manufacturing

Secret sneak into one of our labs -

here some new CatCores will soon arise!

AES/EBU connection with Yamaha PM1D

CatCore AES/EBU Stagebox an Yamaha Pult von SubD25 und XLR auf Ethercon für AES3

Adapterbox for easy access to the AES/EBU outs, sending and receiving eight audio channels each via one RJ45 cable.

Four XLRs representing two channels of AES/EBU each in parallel per CatCore system.

Wall outlet with four XLRs in one frame

Wandeinbau Dose für vier XLR auf Netzwerkleitung mit LSA+ Schnedklemmterminal

Installation in a bar for connecting the DJ or temporary audio sources as smartphone or IPOD.

State of the art design equivalent to Busch Jaeger Future Linear ® series.

Rugged alminium housings with laser engraving

CatCore XLR Cat Gehäuse aus Aluminium mit Lasergravur

View into our laser engraver with a set of outer shells for CatCore SMS.

Milos Steeltruss Pin size compared to CatCore SMS compact stagebox

CatCore XLR Cat Stagebox Vergleich mit Trusspin Milos Steeltruss

Size comparison between CatCore SMS-Compact-stagebox and milos steeltruss QT QT Trusspin

A bunch of CatCore rack systems at assembly

CatCore XLR Cat Rackbox mit zwei Systemen

Final assembly of two CatCore rack boxes, some in mixed male/female custom version.

Digital Stagerack with analog lines from DJs on stage

CatCore XLR/Cat Kabelauflösungen mit Yamaha Rio Stagebox

Two DJ-sets on stage directly connected via CatCore to the RIO Stagebox at amp city.

Each CatCore line carries stereo out and booth out in just one network cable, seen at a festival for electronic music.

System cabling for Meyer Sound Galaxy

CatCore XLX/Cat Systemverkabelung für Meyer Sound Galaxy und Linearray

System cabling for active linearrays, shown with Meyer Sound Galileo for central audio processing.

At the desk single stageboxes for up to eight inputs, at the DSP 19" units for easy access to all ins and outs at the front. Graded cable splits for the line array cabinets.