Cat5 to XLR Adapter


Adapterset Cat to XLR 5pin incl. Cat6 connector

Adapterset Cat5 to xlr 5pin male/ Cat5 to XLR 5pin female with pinout:

Data+: Pin 1 CAT / Pin 3 XLR

Data-: Pin 2 CAT / Pin 2 XLR

GND: Pin 7 + 8 CAT / Pin 1 XLR

Set includes CAT6 double-socket

Simple Adapter to transmit DMX via Cat

ATTENTION: not interchangeable with CatCore - components!

Shield within network-cable is not used, therefore using as analog audio line is not recommended!

The following versions are available:

Cat-DMX-Ring Ethercon to XLR 5pol m/f incl. double-socket